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Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Also responding to the State News “quote” from Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings, it is the responsibility of a reporter to provide accuracy and context regarding their articles. In this case, the prosecutor has an obligation to review a criminal investigation conducted by the police. At no time during this investigation did the prosecutor ever indicate that the police “jumped the gun” on taking a report. In fact it is the legal obligation of the police department to take reports, investigate them and refer them to the prosecutor for a decision on whether or not to authorize warrants.
The State News did a disservice to the community and victim by implying that the prosecutor thought that a report was unnecessary when in fact such was not the case.
When quoting a source it is not only important to accurately quote but to also place it in the proper context. What was done by the State News is chilling on the victims of sexual assault.
James Dunlap
Chief of Police
Michigan State University Police Department

Posted by Jim Dunlap 09/09/10 10:09am.

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