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Saturday, August 1, 2015

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Study shows e-reader owners read more

By Stephen Brooks          Posted: 04/06/12 12:26am         

The number of people using e-readers to read digital content is increasing in the U.S. according to recently released data from multiple studies conducted by Pew Research Center.

The data shows that as of February 2012, 21 percent of surveyed Americans age 18 or older said they had read an e-book within the last year. That number is a 4 percent increase from December 2011, so the jump can likely be attributed to the holiday gift season.

When the question expanded from reading e-books to having read other digital text such as magazines and news articles, the number of participants increased to 43 percent.

The study also showed that those who own e-readers read more books than those who don’t. E-reader owners read an average of 24 books last year compared to nonowners who read an average of 12 books.

Research also shows that traditional printed books still remain king, even in an increasingly digital era. The December 2011 survey found that 72 percent of participants had read a printed book within the last year.

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