Go out and vote in today’s primaries

Today’s primary might seem to be not as big of a deal to some as the upcoming Nov. 6 presidential election, but it is still important for East Lansing residents and MSU students to vote in today’s primary. Participating in primaries helps voters get familiar with candidates and bond proposals before they go to the polls in November.

Tuesday’s primary ballot presents candidates for seats in Michigan’s House of Representatives and the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, as well as judicial candidates for East Lansing’s 54B District Court and Lansing’s 30th Judicial Circuit Court. Ingham County residents also will be able to consider three ballot proposals.

There has been a lot of hype for November’s election by news media outlets already. President Barack Obama and his presumptive Republican rival Mitt Romney already began airing campaign advertisements to gain support and rally donations.

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News channels constantly air new polls to try to pinpoint the nation’s front-runner and analyze every aspect of both candidates’ campaigns. In doing so, the importance of smaller elections, such as today’s primary election, can be pushed aside.

But it still is essential those who can vote make an effort to stop by their respective precincts today to cast their ballot. Primary elections decide what goes on the November ballot, and it gives voters the chance to become familiar with the different candidates and pick their favorite.

And for those who already have found their favorite, it is important to vote today to make sure they make it onto November’s ballot. Voters should take time to review the positions each of these candidates holds and choose the one they think will best represent their views on a national and state level.

Getting familiar with each of these candidates also can help voters get more excited for November’s election.

Voters are making the choice for who will represent them in Michigan’s House of Representatives and the U.S. Congress. The decisions these candidates will make once elected will directly affect many Michiganians in a number of ways and can help decide the direction in which Michigan and this country is heading.

This primary also helps decide judicial candidates for November’s election. Students and residents should become familiar with these candidates because one of them could be the one handling any legal situations a student or resident might face.

Voters will want someone who is fair and reasonable in deciding legal matters, and reviewing the positions and past work of the current candidates can help to determine how they will act once elected as a circuit or district court judge.

Today’s primary can be seen as the official beginning of this year’s election season, with the conclusion this upcoming November. It is necessary those who are registered to vote take the time today to do so.

Today’s primary election helps to shape November’s ballot and will help determine the new representatives who will help this community and nation move forward once elected.

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