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Friday, August 28, 2015 | Last updated: 1:53pm

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Barefooting to less stress and better health

By Michael Kransz          Posted: 05/14/13 6:38pm         

Kick off those shoes, yank off those socks and sink your toes into the dirt they crave, giving yourself the relief from stress, poor sleep and pain you crave.

Barefooting breaks the absorption barrier between yourself and the Earth’s electrons, according to an article published by the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, and the benefits for doing so are numerous.

In the article, a test group was grounded, or connected to the ground to allow conductivity between the electrons and the subject. The control group was not grounded. The researchers interviewed the subjects after a month of grounded sleep.

About three-fourths of those participants connected to ground reported improved times falling asleep, improved quality of sleep, restfulness upon waking, reduced muscle stiffness and pain, reduced chronic back and joint pain and an improved feeling of general well-being.

More than three-fourths of the control group reported no change in their symptoms.

So, next time you are forcing yourself to fall asleep or stressing out, take a walk in the open air and reacquaint your feet with the land, because the free love and peace of the 60’s counter-culture may have been the runoff from drugs and rock ’n’ roll, or just simple shoelessness.

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