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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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SN Style File

Interested in Michelle Obama? Follow her fashion with new phone app

By Katie Abdilla          Posted: 04/24/13 9:14pm         

For all those obsessed with Michelle Obama’s style, now’s the chance to be her ultimate stalker.

After British native Helen Barclay reached success with her website called Kate’s Style List, modeled after Kate Middleton, she decided to take a whack at a second site for the First Lady. The website also has a corresponding app for phones, leaving the option to stalk Michelle on the go wide open.

Within the past few years, Michelle has become known for her put-together, seemingly effortless wardrobe and trendy hairdo. It’s always been amazing to me that some of the past presidents’ partners-in-crime can become known for their style (ahem, Jackie Kennedy? Anyone?) As a firm believer in the power of J. Crew, I am definitely guilty of staking out visual claims on her wardrobe from time to time. I mean, how else do people gain inspiration?

Although I’ll never understand how one person could have the dedication to spend an extended amount of time stalking another person, I will definitely do my part by enjoying the website and taking in some tips.

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