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Thursday, July 2, 2015

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SN Style File

Ono's new clothing line features items both revealing, shocking

By Katie Abdilla          Posted: 11/29/12 5:22pm         

Like many hardcore Beatles fans, I never have been fond of Yoko Ono.

My motive, however, has nothing to do with the ever-present belief that she single-handedly ended the reign of the best band ever to exist. More so, it stems from her constant exploitation of her husband, the late John Lennon, to showcase various projects of her own.

With her most recent endeavor, she has further used Lennon’s fame to launch her own clothing line, Yoko Ono Fashions for Men 1969-2012. According to Entertainment Weekly, Ono drew up the clothing line as a series of sketches for Lennon to celebrate their wedding in 1969.

Sounds romantic, right?

After taking a look at the pieces, which now are on sale at Opening Ceremony, it looks like Ono’s got a ticket to ride to the nuthouse.

Granted, Ono did claim the eccentric line as an expression of her physical attraction to Lennon at the time. But to be frank, the pieces are very business-wear-meets-strip-club, with a little “Fifty Shades of Grey” sprinkled in there. The main attractions? Tuxedo pants with a handprint cutout over the crotch and a hot pink mesh cutout shirt.

As if it couldn’t get any better, the prices of the designer menswear could give a college student a small stroke. The most expensive piece, the triple-toned Hand Jacket, racks in at a whopping $595 — that’s what I pay in rent for one month. I might be homeless, but hey — at least I’d be the proud owner of a blazer with one pink sleeve.

Don’t get me wrong; I am all about freedom of expression, even in the realm of fashion. But please, for the love of all that is fashionable, do not create outfits fit for a male stripper and call it high fashion.

Yes, I do give her props for expanding on creativity. But when it comes to fashion, Yoko should have just let it be.

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