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Monday, July 27, 2015 | Last updated: 12:27pm

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The hottest athletes of the 2012 London Olympics

By Stephen Brooks          Posted: 08/01/12 5:54pm         

With the Olympics well underway, the world is captivated by the superior athletic talent of those competing. The best of the best give all they have to stand atop the podium while their nation’s anthem blares. Records are being broken, tears are falling and dreams are being fulfilled.

But that’s only a part of what matters.

Because right in front of us all, for the world to drool over lustfully, are some of the most attractive human beings on the planet. Showcased in tight uniforms on high-definition televisions, us average people are given two weeks to stare all we want.

Here’s the top ten men and women competing:


Ryan Lochte of the United States wins the 400m Individual Medley during the 2012 Summer Olympics at ...
Lolo Jones of the United States reacts after stumbling on a hurdle and ending up seventh in the 100-meter ...
Alex Morgan (13) ties the game with a first half goal against France Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at legendary ...
David Oliver of the United States wins his semifinal heat in the 110-meter hurdles on Wednesday, August ...
United States goalie Hope Solo, middle, is all smiles after defeating France, 4-2, in a preliminary ...
Jake Dalton soars as he competes in the vault during the team men's gymnastic artistic team final at ...

1. Ryan Lochte, U.S. swimming: Well, duh. Does he even need an explanation?

2. Aldo Montano, Italy fencing: It might just be his Italian demeanor through and through, but this Italian fencer screams tall, dark and handsome. His luscious Fabio-esque locks and chocolate eyes made me swoon the second I Googled his name (and even that’s sexy! Montano …)

3. Hugo Parisi, Brazil diver: This Brazilian diver is everything every girl imagines a Brazilian heartthrob to look like. He might not be the most ripped out of all the athletes in the Games, but his scruffy facial hair and come-hither look in this picture is pure sex appeal.

4. David Oliver, U.S. track and field: Being a runner for the better part of my life, I think I have a sweet spot for track and field athletes — not that he wouldn’t be just as jaw-dropping if he was a swimmer or a table tennis player. His smile gives me butterflies and I would eat dinner off of his abs. Really.

5. Jake Dalton, U.S. gymnastics: I’m normally not into the “pretty boy” look, but he is such an exception. The U.S. men’s gymnastics might not have received an Olympic team gold, but he’s still on top of the podium in my eyes.


1. Alex Morgan, U.S. soccer: The young gun forward for Team USA burst onto the scene and into my heart last summer during the 2011 World Cup where she was a spark plug off the bench late in games. Since then, the stunning 23-year-old has blown up onto the scene nationally and even appeared clad in nothing but body paint in Sports Illustrated — for you guys reading that didn’t know, you’re welcome. As talented as she is beautiful, Morgan can lead the attack to my heart any day and I’m praying she scores.

2. Francesca Piccinini, Italy volleyball: I could make all kinds of puns here about digs, bumps and spiking, but I won’t. There’s always something about foreign women that makes them so desirable, and while many won’t know Piccinini’s name, they should.

3. Lolo Jones, U.S. track: Jones, one of the most well known stars for the Americans in London, is also one of the best looking. Known for her hurdling prowess, Jones dark complexion and gorgeous face are enough to earn Gold in my eyes and obviously crack the podium on this list. I’m not usually one for the overly muscular bodies, which Jones is guilty of in the best way possible, but when you’re that attractive you get special exceptions.

4. Hope Solo, U.S. soccer: Solo’s athletic, brunette appearance is enough to stop anybody in their tracks. She looks especially good in the off-colored jersey between the pipes for Team USA, but I feel like I want to close my eyes every time she’s diving and putting her body on the line to block a shot. Even though she’s in her 30’s she doesn’t look a day over 25 and is too pretty to be diving in the dirt, but her competitive nature and mean streak add to her appeal.

5. Fatima Moreira de Melo, Netherlands field hockey: I honestly don’t know much about Fatima, other than she’s really hot. Yahoo! Sports named the Netherlands’ field hockey team as the most attractive squad in the London games, and this stunning blond has to be the crown jewel of the team.

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