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Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Divers are down-to-earth, "normal" girls

By Kellie Rowe          Posted: 08/01/12 8:57pm         

Despite their famous status, the two athletes representing the U.S. in the women’s 3m synchronized diving event seem incredibly down to earth.

Recently, I watched an NBC interview with the two girls, Kelci Bryant and Abby Johnston. What I liked aboutn them is unlike about 75 percent of people you might see on TV, they seemed like normal people.

In many ways, they can be considered celebrities because they are recognized by a number of people. When you think female celebrity, you usually think of someone who is all dolled up, perfect hair, makeup and nails.

But Bryant and Johnston looked like girls you might see on campus. They wore sports jackets, a little bit of lip gloss and one even wore a messy bun — my personal favorite choice of hairstyle for my 8 a.m. classes.

Not to say girls at MSU dress like slobs, but these girls looked casual and cute, far from the intimidating Barbie look-a-likes you might see in Hollywood.

They seemed like normal, modest girls, with an extremely large amount of talent. I feel like I could hang out with these girls if they lived in East Lansing and have a good time.

Even in the interview, they were humble about the large crowds of people in the stands cheering them on and seemed shocked so many people were there.

“Just like looking in the stands I was like, ‘Abby I feel like a celebrity — all these people are here to watch us,’” Bryant said in the video.

The video continued to include clips of the girls’ dives from the event and the moments as they waited for the results of Canada’s dive — their competition for the silver. The girls were pacing, nervously laughing and everything a normal girl would do when waiting for a big announcement.

I think Bryant and Johnston are great examples of what an American girl has — or should have — to offer: modesty, talent and genuine heart.

Aside from this wonderful video, possibly the biggest gem of my Google searches today: Crazy Diving Faces, an array of really attractive diver facial expressions photographers managed to catch as the athletes hurled through the air.

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