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Thursday, August 27, 2015 | Last updated: 1:35pm

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Rules of Engagement

At first glance

By Josh Mansour, Kellie Rowe          Posted: 02/27/12 10:59pm         

Walking down the street, someone walks by and makes you take a second look.
Glancing back, there’s something about the person that creates an attraction, but what?
What’s the first physical feature we notice in the opposite sex?

Smile. I can’t be any more direct about that. The first thing I notice is a guy’s smile. Through talking with friends, I have found this is common favored trait among those who have suffered from braces.

After dealing with the torment of having a face full of metal, many former victims of the orthodontist’s chair of terror tend to notice the pearly whites of a potential significant other.

You can tell so much by someone’s smile, such as whether a guy is relaxed or nervous, whether he’s confident or shy and whether or not oral hygiene is a priority.

And with a smile, comes a laugh. Every girl knows a guy who can take a joke is more than a keeper.

I also want to take this opportunity to point out that most guys say the first physical feature they notice in a girl is her eyes. I’m going to be that girl to say: Yeah, right.

You definitely size up our body masses, our choice of clothing or lack thereof and take notice of whether or not there are any obnoxious facial features before you even get anywhere close to looking at our eyes.

So, stop it.

Once you do talk to us and finally look us in the eyes, you can call them pretty if you’d like to (are eyes ever not attractive?) But before that moment, don’t say it’s the first thing you notice.

I hate agreeing with Kellie about anything. Seriously, it makes me violently ill, but on this occasion she happens to have one thing right.

A girl’s smile is the first thing I notice, because it offers a window into a girl’s personality.

For example, if a girl spends the entire night with a bored, standoffish look on her face, she doesn’t look intriguing, but rather narcissistic and constipated.

Not a good look.

But if a girl has a smile that lights up a room, it makes me want to see if I can make it happen.

It’s a challenge, and once you’ve accomplished it, you just want to duplicate it.

There’s something about being able to produce that reaction within someone else that often feels better than the actual emotion itself.

So, while I’m not immune to the stereotypical trappings of womanhood, the reality is looks are fleeting.

Ultimately everyone’s bodies will fade, but a smile lasts forever.

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