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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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Opinion Blog

Double standards hold women back

By Sierra Williams          Posted: 06/08/14 2:06pm         

Women are slowly but surely becoming more equal to men as time goes on, but it seems as if double standards are still holding us back. 

Double standards should not exist. I'm tired of people acting like double standards are some type of key rule to life. There is no law that states women are required to be domestic simply because they are women.

It seems as if older generations believe in double standards the most. My grandpa is probably one of the most sexist people I know. He says cooking and cleaning is a woman's job and that women should only wear dresses or skirts and never wear pants. The man's only job is to work.

What does my grandma do all day? Cook and clean. My mom and dad had a similar relationship. While my dad worked all day, my mom scrambled to make sure laundry was clean, the house was spotless and that dinner was ready.

Women should stop being so domesticated. I've noticed on plenty of social networks, Twitter especially, that young women are conforming to these harmful gender roles. 

Some tweet say things like, "I'm so good at cooking. My future husband is going to be lucky," or "Girls need to stop trying to do what boys do. It's not attractive." 

It's okay to be happy that you're a great cook — but not only because you want to impress men. There is no such thing as "trying to do what boys do." There isn't a list set in stone for activities that only boys do and activities that only girls do.

It's deplorable that sexism and double standards are still a factor in today's society. Women have come too far. Not all men are sexist and not all women are domesticated, but women worry too much about double standards. 

Just live your life care free and pretend that double standards do not exist. 

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