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Monday, August 31, 2015 | Last updated: 12:52pm

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A rewarding profession

By          Posted: 05/15/13 7:46pm         

There aren’t many things that bother me in life, but one thing that does is when people say journalism is dying.

That’s something I can neither accept nor believe.

While the profession may be listed as the worst job in the country or the butt of late night comedian’s jokes, I take pride in the fact I want to be a journalist.

From the first article I read for my high school newspaper to becoming its editor-in-chief to starting to work at The State News, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Not only the work I do, but the hard work and effort from the people I work with makes me proud, especially this year.

From the Boston Marathon bombings to the impact one person can have on any given edition, there is no way anyone could convince me being a journalist isn’t rewarding.

The people I work with have proved that to me.

So people like Jon Stewart can continue with the jokes and it can be at the bottom of the worst jobs ever.

I know we’re making a difference and that’s all that matters to me.

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