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Monday, August 31, 2015

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A narration: Taking a test

By          Posted: 02/21/13 8:18pm         

OK. Another day, another test you did not study for.

Why did I stay up all night playing Mario Kart instead of studying?

That’s right, because Mario Kart is awesome. Totally worth it.

It can’t be that bad, can it? At least you have two hours to take it. And the professor loves us. She would never screw us over.

I feel like I might be setting myself up for some big disappointment. Just like I did with Shellie.


Here’s the professor. All right, you can do this. Just keep your head up and you’ll do fine.

30 minutes in

I can’t do this. This is going badly. I’ve only answered five questions out of 50. And there’s an essay?!?

What the hell was this professor thinking? She is going to get a very bad review at the end of this year.

OK, you’ve got to focus. Question six.

“How long would it take to travel from one end of the visible universe to the other end, if you were traveling at the speed of light?”


One hour in

OK, you’ve progressed a little bit. Still an hour left. Let’s take a look at the essay.

“Discuss and interpret the effect dark matter has on the universe.”

Maybe I should just drop out now. Is lounging on the couch and watching TV a profession?

Daniel Tosh literally does that with internet videos for a living. I could easily do that…

STOP! Have to focus! Only have so much time left.

Five minutes left

Almost done! I can’t believe I’m about to pull this off.

Final question. You got this.

Breaks pencil on scantron.

…You have got to be shitting me.

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