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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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Presidential tattoos senseless investment

By Lindsay Spagnuolo          Posted: 12/02/12 8:01pm         

Would you ever consider permanently plastering your favorite presidential candidate’s logo on your body? I wouldn’t — especially on my face. Eric Hartsburg of Indiana would disagree.

We all know those political fanatics who get a little too into the election. Especially during the presidential election, we experience the buttons, T-shirts, commercials, flyers and, once in a while, even that unfortunate knock on the door from people trying to gain your vote for their preferred candidate. But usually people don’t go as far as permanently tattooing a logo on their body.

Hartsburg has the red and blue “R” for candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tattooed just to the side of his right eye. He claims he was given $15,000 to keep the tattoo at least until the election was finished. He says he attempted to contact the Romney campaign about the tattoo, but nobody ever got back to him.

Although his tattoo gained him his 15 minutes of fame, because of President Barack Obama’s re-election, Hartsburg plans to get the tattoo removed.

Hartsburg’s actions might seem extreme, but many people bear an Obama tattoo, including influential singer/songwriter Madonna, who has “Obama” tattooed across the lower half of her back.

Although presidential tattoos seem to be getting more and more popular, seeing as a president can only hold his position for up to eight years, I believe getting a tattoo of something that is guaranteed to be short-lived is just irrational.

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