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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Digital switch won’t happen right away

By Lindsay Spagnuolo          Posted: 12/03/12 6:48pm         

In an age of technology, many people believe newspapers and magazines eventually will be eliminated and replaced with a digital format. But based on recent events, traditional print news sources may be here longer than we expected.

The Daily, a digital-only news source available on iPad, Kindle and Android, will be eliminated due to a lack of audience. The publication would cost an estimated $26 million a year to stay up and running, and there is not enough support yet to fund it. Its last issue will be published Dec. 15, just a few months short of its two-year anniversary.

Although people have been saying for many years now that newspapers are going out of style and that it’s all going to be digital, I think News Corp., the company who launched the publication, was a little too quick to jump on the bandwagon. We have to factor in the number of people who actually own iPads and other tablets, and then of those people take the amount of people who actually read the news.

The Daily is not the only struggling online publication. The Huffington Post, owned by AOL, also launched a paid version for the iPad but the company had to make the publication free after only five issues due to a lack of audience.

I think online-only publications are a thing of the future. Adults are the ones who will religiously read the news, and they also are the ones who have the means to pay for it.

Right now the middle-aged generation is one that grew up without our modern technology so I believe they will be more reluctant to the switch. It seems to me we will have to wait for the young adults, like myself, and younger, more tech-savvy generations to get older to see if the switch actually will take place.

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