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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Volleyball team finds food redundant, accommodations interesting at University of Connecticut Classic

By Caleb Nordgren          Posted: 09/05/12 8:29pm         

Last weekend marked the MSU volleyball team’s first road trip of the season, as they traveled to the University of Connecticut Classic.

As with most road trips, things didn’t go quite as expected. Not to say that things were bad, necessarily, just … different.

“There aren’t necessarily more distractions (on the road),” said sophomore libero Kori Moster. “But it’s a different routine.”

For instance, Connecticut’s campus is rather isolated, which meant that the Spartans ate all their meals at the hotel they stayed at on campus. And while Moster was very clear that the food was not bad, the fact was that the hotel served the exact same meal every time. And you can only have the same meal — a chicken, broccoli and rice dish, in this instance — so many times before you begin to lose interest.

“It was good food,” admitted Moster. “But by the end, we were like, ‘Again?!’.”

There was good news for MSU, however. The hotel was close enough to the arena that they could simply walk to games and practices, allowing the Spartans to squeeze in some scouting when other games were going on. Also, being forced to spend the vast majority of their time together in a hotel made the team feel like they were living in a dorm.

“We enjoyed the ‘campus-y’ feel of it,” head coach Cathy George said.

Moster agreed and said she thought it might have helped the team.

“It was good for us,” she said. “We got some team bonding in.”

And really, given that the Spartans won the tournament without losing a single set, it’s hard to argue with her. Especially because Moster was named Classic MVP.

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