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Sunday, August 30, 2015 | Last updated: 4:59pm

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Recruit Jay Harris makes puzzling decision to spurn MSU to pursue rap career

By Omari Sankofa II          Posted: 05/14/13 9:10pm         

Maybe MSU should avoid signing wide receivers with the last name Harris.

Months after five-star wide receiver Drake Harris de-committed from MSU to sign with Michigan, three-star recruit Jay Harris decided to take his talents elsewhere.

Not to another school, but to the studio. Jay Harris is an aspiring rapper named Jay DatBull, and his debut video currently has more than 50,000 views on YouTube.

Harris, from Pennsylvania’s Downington East High, signed to MSU in February and was set to arrive this summer as one of 18 players in the 2013 recruiting class.

I’m far from a statistician, but I’m guessing the odds of becoming an NFL player are substantially higher than the odds of making it as a star rapper.

I watched the video with anticipation. Perhaps this kid was on to something. There’s no way he would throw away a football scholarship to a Big Ten school unless he was an amazing rapper, or so I thought.

I was wrong. The first scene of Jay DatBull’s video is him lighting up a blunt in what appears to be either an attic or a treehouse. Second’s after and DatBull is badly lip-synching the lyrics with an entourage of teenagers behind him dancing and throwing their hands up. Later, DatBull is sparking another blunt with a guy in a car.

The video wasn’t likably awful similar 2 Chainz, or catchily awful like Future. It was just plain bad, with your average run-of-the-mill boastings of getting money, stealing girlfriends and smoking weed.

I may eat my words one day. In an era where Chief Keef can rule the airwaves, I’m not counting out any rapper from landing a record deal.

But I listen to underground rap often, and I can comfortably say that there are much better unsigned rappers than DatBull.

I wish the best to Harris. Maybe one day he’ll throw money in the air and stick his middle finger up to me (one of his “haters.”) I won’t say a word.

But opportunities to play professional sports are rare, and he’s throwing away something that people would do anything to acquire.

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