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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Entertainment Blog

New moisturizing jeans represent consumer laziness

By Katie Abdilla          Posted: 01/16/13 10:29pm         

With winter in full swing, the dry-skin epidemic has inevitably set in, as it does every year without fail.

To combat the cold, Wrangler jeans will release a new line of jeans called Denim Spa, which are infused with a variety of moisturizers meant to combat dry skin and cellulite.

According to StyleCaster, the jeans will go on sale on asos.com for about $135 at the end of January.

Although Vogue UK claims the jeans are infused with all-natural ingredients, including apricot kernel oil and passion fruit oil, I feel as though there’s no possible way anything estimated to last up to 95 wears can be completely natural.

To me, this is a classic case of playing up consumer laziness. There are so many solutions to these problems that don’t require spending half your paycheck. Have dry skin? Put some lotion on.

To boot, cellulite is a completely different issue most women deal with, even girls with thinner proportions.

Never in my life would I spend more than $100 of my hard-earned money on a pair of jeans to possibly boost my confidence without any proof of results.

With growing insecurities in girls my age, I can only imagine this line of jeans will be bought into tremendously — but only as an easy fix to a bigger problem.

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