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Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Entertainment Blog

Bieber hints at possible SNL appearance on Twitter

By Caleb Nordgren          Posted: 01/07/13 7:50pm         

So, Justin Bieber might be hosting Saturday Night Live, or SNL, he tweeted earlier this afternoon.

At noon Monday, Bieber tweeted, “maybe im (sic) hosting and performing on SNL … maybe. :)” but nothing has been confirmed either way as of yet.

Postpone, if you would, your reactions, whether good or bad. Let’s think about this.

For all the hate he gets, Bieber’s fanbase is larger than some small countries, and for ratings-starved NBC, his potential appearance is obviously very attractive.

Bieber, on the other hand, gets a chance to expand his repertoire by doing some acting. He’s shown interest in such things in the past, most memorably when he was brutally gunned down on an episode of CSI, but this would be a major step forward.

Bieber also has shown a willingness to make fun of himself in certain settings. He appeared on The Daily Show in 2011 and did not have any problems with Jon Stewart’s over-the-top impression of Bieber — although the impression seemed to be as much of Bieber’s Twitter account as Bieber himself.

Having Bieber potentially hosting SNL puts me in mind of another teen pop star named Justin who hosted SNL and did an OK job with it. I mean, Justin Bieber is no Justin Timberlake, but neither was Justin Timberlake, once upon a time.

Bieber hosting SNL will likely result in an outpouring of Internet Hate and substantial ratings. So basically the opposite of other NBC comedies.

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