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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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MSU community recognizes Chinese New Year

By Samantha Radecki          Posted: 02/10/13 6:32pm         

As yesterday marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year, many members of the MSU community celebrated the importance of their heritage and welcomed a new beginning.

The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, aligns with the “lunar-solar Chinese calendar” and is a time to honor the household, bring family together and gives people the opportunity to revive family ties and provide some relaxation from the work week, according to The History Channel. This year is the year of the snake.

Economics senior Xingyu Lu is originally from China and said while away from home, he spent the celebration of the holiday with friends in his apartment, feasting on dumplings and wishing for good fortune for the upcoming year. For Lu, it is his year, as he was born in 1990 — another the year the snake.

If it is an individual’s year, Lu said they should expect to come upon great fortune in that year.

He said he typically would spend the holiday surrounded by family, and added that the holiday is all about wishing people the best and good fortune in the upcoming year.

“(Now), we should send good word out to our friends or make a wish for them and that’s what we are going to do,” Lu said. “Maybe call or text our friends and hope that they have a wonderful year.”

Marketing freshman Xin Zhao also celebrated the holiday away from home, enjoying the festival with friends at MSU.

“A new year means a new life for us and we just need to give good wishes for the year and some hope,” Zhao said.

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