Launch your science career in our major!

Have you heard of the Biomedical Laboratory Science major at Michigan State University? If you are interested in biology, chemistry, or medicine, this may be the major for you! It is ideal for students who love science, but are unsure how a bachelor’s degree can lead to a satisfying

career.  This major provides a solid foundation for a clinical laboratory career or a wide range of other health-related professions. These include careers such as dentistry, medicine, veterinary science, or in industry. It can also prepare you with the skills and background needed for graduate school.

The coursework includes Clinical Chemistry, Diagnostic Microbiology, Immunology, Immunohematology, Hematology/Hemostasis, and Molecular Diagnostics.  There is also the

option of an IT minor with a focus in Laboratory Information Systems. This puts our students on the cutting edge of the needs of the clinical laboratory workforce.

Use your laboratory skills to help diagnose and monitor human diseases. See an advisor or visit

our website at to learn more!