Manage Student Debt BEFORE Graduation


According to, total US student loan debt is now at $1.41 TRILLION. The average monthly payment after graduation is $351. As a student, you know the debt will be there, and you plan for paying it off quickly with an amazing job, but there are ways to help minimize your debt before you actually incur it.

The number one way to keep your financial aid debt down is to attend community college as an underclassman. According to US News, community colleges are less expensive than four year institutions, provide academic flexibility for those unsure about a major, offer state of the art courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and allow credits earned to be transferred at any time.

With an increasingly competitive job market, it is imperative that students work to achieve their education goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, which for some means that summer classes are a great option, and some colleges are better at offering summer classes than others, including content, schedules, and cost.

Cost savings by attending a community college can turn into an even bigger bonus when attending a school with a low student to teacher ratio, especially when schedules offer flexibility (8 or 15-week classes), and the freedom to take as many or as few classes as desired to allow for summer internships or just some fun in the sun.

With all of the benefits to taking classes at a community college, how does a student choose the right school for them?

Oakland Community College is the premiere Community College in Michigan, and has helped over one million students since opening in 1965. Offering degrees and certificates in approximately 100 high-demand career fields, OCC is the place for you to get ahead on your academic goals while saving money for your future! Featuring the most affordable tuition in Michigan, OCC offers classes taught by excellent teachers, offered at five locations across Oakland County and online to best serve you. Classes are available in person or online, and either eight or 15 weeks long to give you plenty of time to relax and prepare for the next step on your journey. And at OCC, the student to teacher ratio is always low which means that you will always get the personal attention needed to make you successful!

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