Innovative tutoring company saves students' grades


For some students, studying is just not enough to get the desired grades and so they have to find ways to better grasp the course content outside of the classroom.  One of these ways that has proven to be successful over the years has been finding a tutor, but that can be tougher than they think with so many classes offered at Michigan State University.

Enter LionTutors!  Jules Kalt, a Hospitality Busness major said, “I never knew how much I needed LionTutors until I went to a free Exam 1 Review for statistics!  Last year as a freshman, I easily spent twice as long studying on my own for my exams, and that still wasn’t as effective as attending three-hour LionTutors review session.” 

“I never knew how much I needed LionTutors”

Jules Kalt

Sophomore, Hospitality Business Major

Finding a Tutor

When seeking a tutor, it is vital that a student finds a source that is knowledgeable, reputable, and familiar with the course content that is challenging.  If the tutor is unfamiliar with the actual class and what is being covered, hours can be wasted studying topics that will not actually be on the test.

 LionTutors is currently offering tutoring for business core classes at MSU, but is expanding their class offerings every semester. They organize their exam reviews to focus on the concepts that are likely to appear on your exam, making sure you spend your time where it will be most valuable.  Upon arrival at LionTutors, a comprehensive review packet with detailed explanations and practice problems is provided.  A tutor then spends three to four hours with the student, thoroughly covering all information within the packet, including the practice problems to ensure complete understanding.  After successfully completing the session, the student receives an additional practice exam, with detailed solution to continue their progress at home before the big test!  They also get to keep the packet as a reference tool.

Freshman Cam Cabana told The State News, “LionTutors was my go-to study tool last semester.  If I missed class, wasn’t paing attention, or couldn’t understand what my teacher was saying, I always knew I could count on LionTutors to get me prepared for my exam."

Unlike other services, LionTutors is convenient, and experienced.  With a location near campus in the University Place, by the Marriott, they are easy to get to, no matter where a student lives.  And, for spring semester, LionTutors is offering 100% FREE Exam 1 Reviews, making this a great time to check out their program.