Student band jams out for last time

“One year ago my two best friends asked me to do this with them,” Lundberg said. “This is the last time I’ll get to share the stage with my two best friends.”

The crowd gathered at Mac’s Bar in Lansing unleashed a collective cheer, and the trio began their last set of what 23-year-old Lansing resident DJ DeGennaro called “intricate, loopy rock music with ambient sound.”

Danyelle Morrow / The State News
Danyelle Morrow / The State News

The band, which has been performing shows throughout the mid-Michigan area for about three years, announced this set as the beginning of a hiatus.

Because DeGennaro will be moving to Florida with his girlfriend, an MSU alumna, the band declared their Mac’s Bar performance the last show until his return.

Until then, the trio plans to continue recording and releasing songs. While they’ll be separated by state lines, they will still be able to record music from their different locations and put the various parts of new songs together before posting them online.

“With the Internet and recording gear you can do anything,” 23-year-old former MSU student Jeremy Grafmiller, the band’s drummer, said.

Originally, Eleanor Quigley was a metal duo made up of DeGennaro and Grafmiller, whose friendship blossomed during the fifth grade.

DeGennaro and Grafmiller played their first official show in November 2012 when they took the stage at The Loft in Lansing. From there, the two of them played at co-op parties and various events throughout the city. Lundberg joined them on the bass during the summer of 2013, when Grafmiller rotated to the drums.

DeGennaro said the band’s chemistry has only grown since then. Various sessions where the three only messed around on their instruments turned into improvised songs that make up their first EP, which includes their single “Out the Window.”

He added that, while this will be their last show, it isn’t the end of Eleanor Quigley. Fans gained from their party and bar shows should still keep their eyes open for new songs from the Lansing-based band.

“We’ve honed our skills with the improvised songs and we like that,” DeGennaro said. “With Dustin, we’ve gotten a lot more chemistry. ... We’ll be collaborating new things. We’ve found a vision and a place to put our ideas with Eleanor Quigley.”

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