Police responded to domestic assault in Wilson hall

Domestic Assault

Police responded to a domestic assault in Wilson hall on Saturday, where a 19-year-old female student and a 22-year-old male non-student got into an altercation that involved kicking and hair-pulling on both ends, and a struggle for a phone being used to call for help. The female victim unsuccessfully used mace on the male and fled outside of Wilson hall, where she was pursued by the male. She called 911 via the green light phones stationed around campus.

Police are not sure who initiated the argument between the boyfriend and girlfriend, but say neither had visible injuries. The two were separated and no arrests were made but the case will go to the prosecutor’s office to see if a warrant needs to be issued, MSU Police Sgt. Florene Mcglothian-Taylor said. The victim refused medical attention, but was given victim care information.


A bike was stolen on Tuesday from the racks outside the Biochemistry building on Wilson Road between 8 and 11:15 a.m, police say.

The victim, a 37-year-old Okemos female, valued the bike at $1,000. Police have no suspects.

A second larceny occurred near University Village sometime before Monday, when a moped was stolen from a 19-year-old male student. The moped was a black TaoTao motor scooter and was valued at $750. The victim estimates the theft could have occurred any time between May 5 and Monday. Police also have no suspects.

Olivia Dimmer

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