Obama, Snyder have similar favorable ratings shows recent survey

MSU’s recent State of the State Survey produced intriguing results about the favorable ratings President Barack Obama and Gov. Rick Snyder received.

Two of three categories are combined because of the general positive favorability of “excellent” and “good.”

Obama retained a favorable rating of 39.7 percent, while Snyder received a close figure of 39.2 percent.

For Snyder, the results are considerably interesting because he is running for reelection, economics professor and State of the State Survey Director Charles Ballard said.

Ballard said although different people were surveyed for both public figures, they balance out to about the same.

“Both the president and the governor have remarkably similar favored ratings,” Ballard said.

Ballard said the results are not indicative of whether or not Snyder will attain reelection, but his standings are substantially higher than former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s at this point in her administration period.

Much about the elections remains to be seen, and Ballard said most voters cast their vote based on which candidate they carry the most knowledge about.

The survey is conducted to receive responses by telephone to roughly 1,000 people generated by a random list of phone numbers given by certain companies. Responders are allowed to rate favorability of specific public figures in one of three categories, the least favorable being “poor.”

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