Front desks to stop providing change

Residence Education and Housing Services, or REHS, Communications Manager Ashley Chaney said service desks would no longer be handling money to ensure safety for student employees.

Chaney said the changes are preventative measures in regard to safety and to make sure university policy and protocol is being followed.

Because service centers would no longer be handling money, they will no longer be selling stamps or parking passes.

“There are other locations on campus that students can get (those services),” Chaney said.

Change can only be obtained at any MSU Federal Credit Union and stamps can be purchased at the post office in the MSU Union and at any university store.

Chaney said parking passes would also be available at some Sparty’s stores on campus.

Residence Halls Association tweeted updates about the changes which sparked conversation with students.

Many students were concerned about not being able to get change at service centers and some asked whether it would be available at Sparty’s stores.

Eat at State tweeted out that change would only be available if a purchase was made and even then it would depend if the store had sufficient funds.

Journalism junior Richie Cozzolino said he used to go to the service centers for change, and removing this service would be inconvenient for students.

“If it’s limiting what I can get, it definitely changes my opinion on whether I want to live here again next year,” he said.

Sociology and pre-occupational therapy senior Syeda Ali, who works at the Snyder Hall service desk, said she didn’t think the changes would affect her tasks very much.

Ali said the main duties of being a service representative are helping visitors and logging packages.

“I have never felt threatened at the desk,” she said.

Service representatives are informed of any emergencies via a radio feed.

She said she learned about the possible gunman on campus right away and locked down the front desk.

Although Ali hasn’t encountered much trouble at work, she said she could understand why the university would want to limit money transactions as a precautionary measure.

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