Spring recruitment begins

Fraternities, sororities host events and open houses for spring rush week


This week, many university sororities and fraternities will be opening their doors to prospective new members for spring recruitment.

Unlike fall recruitment, spring recruitment for greek life is much more laid back, less structured and smaller for both fraternities and the few sororities that choose to participate.

Although spring recruitment for most sororities has already wrapped up, a few are still holding events and open houses into this week. Spring rush for fraternities began Monday.

In general, spring recruitment can be a less intimidating experience for women looking to explore sorority life, vice president of recruitment logistics for National Panhellenic Council Camaryn Self said.

“Sometimes (in the fall) women weren’t ready to make a commitment,” Self said. “Fall rush is so close to the beginning of (the) school year and is so structured and a very overwhelming process that a lot of women don’t sign up. In the spring, recruitment is much more informal.”

This semester, at least five sororities already have or plan to hold continuous open bidding, or spring rush. Because sororities often aim to reach their quota of members, spring rush takes place to allow the organization to add on a small number of women.

Rebecca Ruhlman, chapter president of Pi Beta Phi, said the sorority held spring recruitment because of the large number of women who graduated after the fall semester.

“Most of the women that come in were freshmen who, during fall recruitment, weren’t sure if it was for them yet,” Ruhlman said. “Once they got grounds on campus, they came back. Spring girls usually have made up their mind that it is 100 percent for them.”

Ruhlman said spring recruitment isn’t just for girls who know members already in a sorority.

The only way a potential new member could benefit from knowing an active member is by being personally invited to the spring recruitment events.

In general, the events aren’t as strictly organized and can be anything from a game night to a craft activity at the sorority’s open house.

Kappa Delta Chi hosted such an event on Monday night at the Union. The event aimed to stimulate discussion on inner and outer beauty.

Since Kappa Delta Chi is a multicultural sorority, they don’t operate within a house and don’t have quotas to fill in recruitment. The sorority also aims to have a diverse group of members.

Chapter President Clara Varela said the main difference between rushing a multicultural sorority and rushing with one associated with National Panhellenic Council is that the group is smaller, so each member gets to know one another very well.

In addition to being intimidated or overwhelmed, some potential members had finances stand in their way of joining a greek organization.

“My sister … has been telling me about it and I know most of the girls,” criminal justice sophomore Rosa Varela said.“Last semester, I didn’t have enough money to join, but now I have a job and there’s no reason for me not to join.”

Although fraternities stray away from crafts and board games, they all participate in spring rush, unlike sororities, who can choose not to participate if they have filled their quota of women.

“The difference between fall and spring rush is absolutely nothing,” Alex Allen, vice president of recruitment for Interfraternity Council said. “We just don’t advertise as much because most of the kids already know which houses they want to go to.”

Similarly to sororities, men who choose to rush in spring also may have postponed rushing because of the large commitment and overwhelming nature of rush, Allen said.

Men’s recruitment during the spring usually consists of a small open house with food, where brothers get to know potential new members. Fraternity recruitment differs in that they don’t often aim to fill a certain quota, Rush Chairman for Sigma Pi Reece Adams said.

“We usually take a quality over quantity approach, which is why fraternities vary in size so much,” Adams said. “We just invite guys we know, people we think would be a good fit, and get to know them. I would encourage anyone interested to come over and say hi, grab some free food, and give it a shot.”

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