MSU is open for classes on Tuesday


Another cold front is upon us, with Tuesday temperatures only expected to reach between zero and 5 degrees.

MSU is open for classes and normal operations tomorrow, Tuesday Jan. 28. Officials will continue to monitor weather conditions.

The wind chills will be running most of Tuesday between 25 and 30 degrees below zero, National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Dukesherer said.

Snow showers will also be moving through but the snow is not likely to accumulate more than an inch.

Temperatures are expected to rise in the area for the remainder of the week, but will not reach normal temperatures for this time of year, which are around 30 degrees.

The record low in Lansing for Jan. 27 is 22 degrees below zero and tonight we are expected to drop down to somewhere between 5 and 10 degrees below zero.

Dukesherer said the biggest threats in this severe weather are icy roads and skin exposure.

Overexposure can cause the body to lose more heat than it can generate, potentially inducing hypothermia and frostbite, Rebecca Noe, an epidemiologist at CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health, previously told the State News.

Symptoms of hypothermia include disorientation, shivering, confusion, drowsiness and exhaustion, Noe said. Frostbite affects susceptible areas of skin, typically fingers, toes, ear lobes and the tip of the nose, and it is characterized by loss of feeling and a pale appearance.

There’s also little to do for students who may choose to drive to class in the frigid weather.

“The only thing they can do at these kinds of temperatures is to put down sand to give you some kind of traction because they really can’t treat the ice and snow part of it,” Dukesherer said.

The University of Michigan has canceled Tuesday classes due to weather for the first time since 1978.

MSU officials expected to “continue operations as usual,” according to MSU spokesman Kent Cassella.

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