Changes made in annual Miss Greek beauty pageant to improve stereotypes


A philanthropy event once associated with drinking and provocative dancing was a wholesome pageant at the Kellogg Center Thursday night.

Sigma Pi fraternity hosted the thirteenth annual Miss Greek beauty pageant, which raised more than $2000 for the American Cancer Society.

Sigma Pi’s philanthropy chairman Spenser Frania said they did things differently this year to alleviate some of the Greek life stereotypes.

Erin Hampton / The State News

“In past years it’s been at a bar or club, which was not good,” Frania said. “We try to make it a classy event and yet we were having it at a grungy bar and it just wasn’t fitting. This year we really tried to make it nicer.”

In addition to switching the location of the event, no alcohol was allowed in the auditorium and the judges were sorority house moms instead of fraternity brothers.

“It helps people realize that Greek life isn’t all about just partying,” Frania said.

The contest featured a talent round full of performances including tap dancing, singing, playing the ukulele, magic tricks, balloon art and tying a bowtie. Some of the talents last year included lap dances and sandwich making.

The winner was crowned after performing a gymnastics routine and impressing the judges with her poise during the question round. Special Education sophomore Mary Rekuc of Alpha Phi now holds the title of Miss Greek 2014.

“(Miss Greek) embodies a Greek woman that is well representative of the entire Greek community- someone classy, smart and a strong, confident woman,” Frania said.

To Rekuc, winning the title means representing Greek life in the best possible light and to continue the work of improving stereotypes. She said philanthropic events are extremely beneficial in doing so.

“This is a great way to boost our image and show what we do for the community,” she said.

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