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Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Report: MSU fans snapped up Rose Bowl tix through Stanford athletics

The Stanford Daily is reporting that some MSU fans might be to blame for rapid sales of the university’s allotment of Rose Bowl Tickets.
The paper reports that some MSU fans said they took advantage of an offer from the Stanford athletics department granting advance access to up to four guaranteed Rose Bowl tickets if a deposit was made for 2014 Stanford football season tickets.

That advance offer, prior to sales to the general public, included the same opportunity for current Stanford season ticket-holders.

Tickets available to the general public later sold out in about four minutes, the paper reported.

Concerns regarding possible involvement from MSU fans were raised after the advance deposit requirement for 2014 season tickets was raised Monday morning from $100 to $200 before being withdrawn altogether.

In a separate blog post, Pac-12 football writer David Lombardi said he had spoken with an MSU fan, Ray Wert, who had paid the $200 advance at the time to gain Rose Bowl ticket access.

According to Lombardi, Wert said about 20 of his family and friends had done the same thing, although it’s unclear how many people were involved overall.

On its Facebook page, the MSU Alumni Club of Greater New York was directing people to call the Stanford athletic department regarding the offer.

The Stanford athletics department later tweeted that 95 percent of Stanford’s allotment had gone to students and current season ticket-holders.

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