MSU Outdoors Club frequents Grand Ledge to go rock climbing

Mid-Michigan is not necessarily well-known for its topography, but members of the MSU Outdoors Club often travel to the nearby town of Grand Ledge to scale one of the only natural rock climbing areas in the Lower Peninsula.

Known as the “ledges,” the slope sits on the banks of the Grand River and is frequented by rock climbers in the summer.

Club members traveled to the area Friday to take advantage of the pleasant fall weather.

Danyelle Morrow / The State News

“It’s the only place I know of in lower Michigan to do any climbing,” zoology sophomore Kelsey Khoury said.

She said that until the weather gets too cold, the club is climbing in Grand Ledge twice a week.

Khoury said that the ledges are about 30 feet tall, smaller than most of the ledges the group climbs.

“It’s cool, because you put your rope down in a spot and people will use each other’s,” she said.

If club members are looking for more challenging climbing, they travel to the Upper Peninsula or down to Kentucky.

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