Construction continues throughout MSU campus


The face of Spartan Country continues to evolve as summer construction advances. With majority of students gone, summer has proven to be the ideal time to reinvent various locations on campus.

Inner Campus Roadwork

The Bogue Street and Shaw Lane intersection construction has been continuing as planned. The State News previously reported- the purpose of the construction was to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Leisa Williams-Swedberg, construction superintendent for the Engineering and Architectural Services department of Infrastructure Planning and Facilities at MSU, said construction on the traffic circle is still on time and is slated for completion on Aug. 16.

Williams-Swedberg added underground work has been completed and workers will begin above-ground work shortly.

The steam tunnel installation on West Circle Drive is also continuing as planned with an Aug. 16 end date, Williams-Swedberg said.

“We had a wet spring, so that caused some delays but we’re recovering,” Williams-Swedberg said in reference to the steam loop.

Spartan Stadium tackles construction

Construction on Spartan Stadium received approval from the MSU Board of Trustees in June. Williams-Swedberg said construction will be mobilizing this month and is slated to finish in July 2014. She said construction will provide recruiting rooms, upgraded locker rooms and team spaces, a media room as well as additional space planned for future public restrooms.

“It will not be interrupting any of the football games, but it will continue throughout the school year,” Williams-Swedberg said.

Building Blocks

Butterfield Hall has also begun renovation construction.

She said the purpose of the project is to revitalize the building with the majority of renovations happening within the core of the building. There will be lighting and electrical changes in the resident rooms as well as upgrades to the community bathrooms.

Williams-Swedberg said the renovation is planned to be finished in May 2014. She added the finished Butterfield Hall will be similar to what Emmons Hall looks like now.

“The exterior will be very much in tune with that of Emmons (Hall),” Williams-Swedberg said.
Butterfield Hall will be the last residence hall in the Brody Complex Neighborhood to undergo renovations.

The Landon Hall dining project will also begin this month with a planned completion date of August 2014, Williams-Swedberg said. This renovation will affect the cafeteria as well as the life safety and accessibility, such as fire alarms within the building.

Williams-Swedberg said there are many other construction projects going on within buildings
around campus this summer.

“We have all kinds of construction projects,” Williams-Swedberg said. “They’re just not as visible as these ones. We have many room renovations that are going on within buildings.”

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