Spartan draws new Spider-Man comic


MSU alumnus Ryan Stegman is making a stir among comic book lovers across the world with his newest project — illustrating the images in Marvel Worldwide Inc.’s latest Spider-Man series “Superior Spider-Man.”

After working with his first comic book company Kapow! Comics, Stegman eventually became an illustrator for Marvel, which gave him the chance to draw his dream character — Spider-Man.

“Superior Spider-Man” is the new round of comics to explain this twisted plot of the beloved hero.

The “Amazing Spider-Man,” which was created in the ‘60s, originally came to an end when the 700th issue was released. In the last issue, Spider-Man’s villain, Doctor Octopus took over Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker.

While in Peter Parker’s body, Doctor Octopus tried to become good. The latest series focuses on Doctor Octopus in Parker’s body as he acts as the new Spider-Man.

With the story spin, Stegman said fans have had mixed reactions to the series.

“I am not surprised by how the fans reacted, but I am more surprised by the amount that have reacted,” Stegman said.

“It’s crazy how many people are speaking out about it, but it makes me happy to see how passionate they are.”

Stores such as 21st Century Comics and Games, 515 E. Grand River Ave., are one of the many comic book stores selling the new series.

21st Century Comics and Games sales associate Ted Liddell said Spider-Man comic books usually sell well at the store.

“Purchases of the new series with the killing of Peter Parker has been hit or miss, but it’s only a couple of weeks in, and you can tell people are coming to get it,” Liddell said.

Spider-Man fanatics, such as premedical freshman Sarah Weber, were excited to hear about the plot twist to “Superior Spider-Man” and that a former MSU student helped make it come to life.

“I am a huge Spider-Man fan, and to hear the plot twist is sweet,” Weber said. “I haven’t seen the comics yet, but to know that the comics are drawn by a former-MSU student is awesome. I’m jealous and wish I could draw like that.”

Stegman said although he’s left MSU, he makes an effort to stop by campus when he travels through town for comic book conventions. Since he graduated, he’s noticed MSU places more of an emphasis on incorporating comic books into campus life.

He said he’s seen these improvements through the Main Library having the biggest comic book collection in America and MSU offering classes about comic book art.

“I read about MSU having the largest comic book collection in Wizard Magazine and was shocked because that is such an awesome title to have,” Stegman said. “Knowing that MSU has an actual class about comic books and how to create them is such a great way to help college kids to want to pursue a career with comic books.”

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