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Monday, August 3, 2015

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A well-cut brew


Microbiology senior Patrick Ropp patiently has brewed and parried his way through bottles and bouts for a months.

After taking a food science course last fall — which focused on the fermentation and commercial brewing of different types of alcohol — with chemical engineering and food science professor Kris Berglund, Ropp decided to improvise his own brew. After purchasing a brewing kit, he added hibiscus leaves to the pale ale for a unique flavor.

He calls it “Prix de Fleur,” a name he said was derived from four years of fencing humor. In fencing, the term, “prise de fer” is a defensive action meaning taking the blade.

Yet, despite the aggressive nature of the weapon, Ropp views himself as a patient fencer, allowing his own pace to dictate the match. It’s a quality he said the art of brewing beer seems to share.

Ropp said his choices in fencing and brewing are “a lot of work on both to come down to basically a really finished, really good looking end product.”

By Danyelle Morrow / The State News
Microbiology senior Patrick Ropp transfers his homemade beer from the fermenting container to a bucket to bottle the beer Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013, at his apartment in East Lansing. Ropp named the hibiscus-flavored brew "Prix de Fleur," a pun on a fencing term.

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