Plans made to redesign roundabout on Bogue Street

At MSU Physical Plant’s monthly Construction Junction meeting Thursday morning, the plant’s engineer and architect John LeFevre announced the crosswalk near Bogue Street and Shaw Lane will be under construction this summer to eliminate the intersection’s roundabout.

The current roundabout near the Law College Building and Owen Graduate Hall is planned to be taken out and replaced with a road design similar to the west side of campus near Red Cedar Road and Shaw Lane.

The roundabout area has the highest amount of traffic on campus and is becoming overly-congested because of students coming from the dorms, the Broad College of Business and Law College Building, LeFevre said at the meeting.

The intersection currently sees a dangerous amount of people and not enough crosswalks, he said.
The new construction plan includes bike lanes in all directions and more crosswalks linked to traffic signals for safer crossing, LeFevre said.

The design itself will make the student-to-car ratio flow smoother.

“We are trying to create a protected pedestrian movement across Bogue and Shaw,” LeFevre said.
Some students, including interdisciplinary studies in social science junior Daijah Street, said the change will make them feel safer when walking across campus.

“I always feel like someone is going to hit me when I am walking around that area because there is so much going on, and other people are not looking at the road signs,“ Street said. “Anything would be an improvement.”

Construction will start in isolated areas in February, but the entire roundabout will be taken out in May. The project is set to be completed the second week in August.

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