MSU study: Job market shows slight increase

Although the job market for new college graduates will see an increase of about 3 percent this academic year, university officials said some employers still are wondering if the economy is stable enough for companies to continue to hire.

MSU’s annual Recruiting Trends report written by Phil Gardner, an adjunct professor and the director of MSU’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute, has been recording recruiting trends for more than 40 years and gathers data from more than 2,000 U.S. employers.

Included in the report is a 5 percent increase in hiring graduates with bachelor’s degrees. Although majors such as business, advertising, English and computer science are seeing increases in employment, majors such as engineering and accounting are struggling, according to the report.

“The good news for MSU students is that, regionally, we continue to grow stronger,” Gardner said. “(The country is) slowly diversifying and starting to respect small employers.”

Psychology senior Bridget Parler said finding employment might be a little easier for her than students from other universities since the MSU Department of Psychology has prepared her well for a career in the field.

“Without going to graduate school, it’s very hard to get into (psychology) because it is such a stepping-stone (career),” Parler said. “It will help (being at MSU because of) the diversity of the faculty, and there are really good programs in the (department).”

Computer science senior Nick Reynolds said students can’t rely on getting a job simply because they have a degree.

“You have to have a degree these days (to get a job),” Reynolds said. “But you also have to be good at what you do.”

However, Gardner said he does believe it will still be tough for college graduates no matter where their degree is from.

“It’s going to be competitive,” Gardner said. “The more prepared you are and the harder you work, you’re going to be (better off).”

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